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Bottom Lures - Split-Shot Rig

Split Shot and Hook

A time-honored fishing setup, the split-shot rig is an extremely versatile rig for catching everything from trout and bass to walleyes, panfish and even catfish.

While fishing a split-shot rig in deeper water will require greater patience, this is a proven rig that is worth trying during your next fishing adventure.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: All species

  • How to Rig: Simply attach various sized split-shot between 8” and 18” up the main line from the hook for the desired amount of weight.Add just enough split-shot to control the desired depth and feel.

  • How to Use: Because of its versatility, a split-shot rig can be dragged, drifted or hopped over or through underwater rocks, ledge, vegetation and wood, among other types of habitat, and can be fished successfully in a range of depths from shallow to deep. When drifting this rig in moving water such as a stream or river, add just enough weight to occasionally make bottom contact while continually allowing your rig to naturally drift with the current (too much weight will allow the rig to continuously “hang-up”).