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Top Water Lures and Rigs - Buzzbaits


Another distinct category of baits, buzzbaits can be a great tool for combing shallow cover and triggering explosive reaction strikes from both feeding and lethargic fish alike.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Open water; late-spring, summer and early fall

  • Species: Primarily bass, pike and pickerel, though other warm water species may be caught

  • Types: Though they can be tweaked and tailored in many ways, most buzzbaits include a single wire hook, a weighted head to which a rubber skirt or soft plastic bait can be threaded onto, and an extended U-shaped arm with a multi-sided blade or prop on the end which turns to create both noise and action when retrieved across the top of the water. As with many lures, buzzbaits are available in a range of sizes, colors and weights, and are made to emit varying types of sounds and actions when retrieved.

    Some buzzbaits squeak and squeal when reeled in, while others make clacking, knocking or subtle bubbling noises. Additionally, different styles and models of buzzbaits are designed to run at varying speeds from fast to slow, and some even feature foam floats to enable the bait to be fished extremely slow on the top of the water without sinking.

  • How to Use: While buzzbaits can trigger vicious top water strikes at any time, like other top water lures, they are generally more successful in low-light conditions such as early morning, evening and when overcast skies are present. When fishing a buzzbait, remember to pay attention to your bait at all times during the retrieve as you never know when a fish will decide to inhale your lure!

    These baits are awesome for fishing around various types of shallow cover such as scattered aquatic vegetation, defined weedlines, submerged stumps and laydowns, and shallow chuck rock or bluff walls. Like with other top water lures, be sure to tie your bait to the proper line that will provide adequate buoyancy, strength and castability for the type of fish you’re targeting and the cover you will be fishing around.