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Bottom Lures - Carolina Rig

Carolina Rig

Similar in concept to a split-shot rig in that this setup features a weight or multiple weights well ahead of a baited hook, a Carolina rig has become known as a great tool for efficiently covering various types of bottom structure.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: Although other warm-water species may be caught, Carolina rigs have become known for their ability to consistently produce bass—largemouth and smallmouth alike.

  • How to Rig: In contrast to the split-shot rig, a Carolina rig is typically set up with a much greater amount of weight—usually a single, fixed cone or egg shaped brass or tungsten weight ranging from ¼ to 1 oz. in weight. Carolina rigs, which often include a glass bead or “clacker” to create fish-attracting noise and vibration, are typically set up with the weight, bead and barrel swivel tied to the main fishing line, and a section of leader material tied to the other side of the swivel. A hook is then tied to the end of the leader material and dressed with an angler’s bait of choice—often a soft plastic worm, creature bait or craw—though live bait can be used with this rig as well.

  • How to Use: This rig can be a productive shallow water fishing tool during the pre-spawn period. However, it is generally regarded as a post-spawn setup for combing deeper, open waters during the summer and fall months when fish setup on offshore structures such as rock piles, reefs, ledges, submerged weedlines, shell beds, channel swings, sand or gravel bars, stumps and laydowns.