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Bottom Lures - Sliding Sinker Rig

Lindy Rig

Similar in concept to the Carolina-rig, the sliding sinker rig, or lindy rig, is one of the most popular and adaptable setups for live bait fishing.

Given the variety of weight, hook and bait combinations that may be used with this basic setup, the sliding sinker rig can be a go-to option for novice and experienced anglers alike targeting many different species of fish.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: Primarily walleye, catfish, and trout, though other species such as bass, perch and different types of panfish may be caught

  • How to Rig: Simple and easy to construct, the rig typically features a non-fixed weight – of any kind or size - that is threaded on to the main fishing line before the line is tied to one end of a barrel swivel. A section of leader material is tied to the other side of the swivel, and to the leader material a baited hook or lure of choice is tied.

  • Types: As a general rule of thumb, your weight selection should match both the depth you are fishing as well as the type of bottom present. Walking type sinkers are typically more conducive to rocky or muddy bottom compositions, while bullet weights or egg sinkers may work better around submerged vegetation. While the rig is most commonly used with night crawlers, leeches and other types of live bait, anglers may also find success with various types of artificial lures. Anglers may also replace the baited leader section with a pre-rigged minnow, crawler or spinner harness.

  • How to Use: The sliding sinker rig shines when it is dragged or hopped along the bottom and can be successfully casted and retrieved, trolled or drifted. It can also be a great tool for current or river fishing scenarios.