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Mid-Depth Lures and Rigs - Basic Bobber Rig

The basic bobber rig may be the most widely used rig in all of fishing for targeting all types of fish.

Fishing Hook with Bobber

The basic bobber rig can be set up in a wide variety of fashions and is frequently used by novice anglers due to its ease of use and ability to catch fish. Whether you’re fishing a lake or river, from a boat or from the bank, a basic bobber rig is tough to beat!

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: All species

  • How to Rig: Though the rig can vary in design and components, the primary setup includes a properly selected hook tied to the end of the fishing line, a single or multiple split shot weights pinched on the line about 6 to 12 inches above the hook, and a fixed or sliding bobber attached to the line several feet above the hook.

  • How to Use: The fixed or sliding bobber should be positioned correctly depending on the depth of the water you’re fishing and at what depth you want your bait to suspend. Though the rig can be set up for your bait to rest on the bottom, it is typically arranged so that the bait suspends off the bottom. A simple bobber rig – which can be baited with night crawlers, minnows, crayfish and other live bait, as well as with artificial lures, is the ultimate all-season, open-water fishing rig for anglers of all levels targeting nearly any species of fish. Simply cast the rig out and let it sit until the bobber indicates a biting fish!