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Bottom Lures - Bottom Bouncers and Bait Walkers

Bottom bouncers and bait walkers are most effective for trolling or drifting applications.

Bottom Bouncer Lures

They are also a great tool for combing bottom structure without getting hung up and can be successfully used to provide proper weight for a wide range of bait and lure rigs, water depths and fishing conditions.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Year-round, open water

  • Species: Primarily walleye and catfish, though other species such as trout, salmon, pike and bass may be caught

  • Types: Bottom bouncers and bait walkers are essentially L-shaped pieces of wire with attached weights of varying sizes. On the upper end of both rigs is a connection point that allows for use with a wide range of live bait, spinner and lure setups. These two designs serve to keep attached bait or a lure rig at a desired depth while being trolled or drifted – most commonly on the bottom.

  • How to Use: By way of their design and construction, both styles are extremely effective for presenting live bait or lure rigs above bottom structure such as rock, ledge, wood and shell beds, as well as in open-bottom areas like sand and mud flats. They’re available in sizes from under ½ oz. all the way up to 3 oz. or more, and can also be home-made to fit specific angling needs and applications.