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Top Water Lures and Rigs - Weedless Surface Spoons

Shallow Spoons

A unique category of top water baits, weedless surface spoons are specifically known for their ability to be fished around heavy cover without hanging up.

  • Suggested Seasonal Use: Open water; late-spring, summer and early fall

  • Species: Primarily bass, pike and pickerel, though other warm water species may be caught

  • Types: Typically constructed of a spoon-shaped piece of plastic, metal or wood, these baits can be an excellent tool for imitating everything from wounded baitfish to frogs, rats, insects and other fish prey on or near the surface of the water. Available in a range of colors and sizes, weedless surface spoons generally feature a single, medium to heavy wire hook – often with a weed guard – and can be a great lure for tempting fish into aggressive top water strikes around shallow cover.

  • How to Use: Some styles and models of weedless spoons are made to be fished exclusively on top of the water and over aquatic vegetation, while others can be fished both above and through the cover depending on the weight of the lure, the rate of retrieve and the type of cover present. Vary your retrieve based on the species of fish you are targeting and the type of cover you’re fishing around. There is no prescribed retrieve for fishing a surface spoon. Try different cadences until you find one that the fish prefer. Remember to let the fish tell you how they want a lure presented!