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Big Game Taken Outside Vermont

Follow these rules to legally transport and possess big game in Vermont that was legally taken in another state or country.

General Transport Ruleslarge white-tailed buck with massive antlers

  • Keep the tag that is required by the state or country where the big game was taken.
  • Mark each package of meat with the name of the person who took the animal, tag number, date, and state or country where the big game was taken.

Rules for when the deer or elk are from areas with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and captive hunt areas or farms

Importing or possessing legally taken deer or elk, or parts of deer or elk, from states and Canadian provinces that have had Chronic Wasting Disease, or from captive hunt or farm facilities is illegal except for:

  • All meat that is boneless and cut up, packaged and labeled with hunting license information and not mixed with other deer or elk during processing
  • Hides or cape with no part of the head attached

  • Clean skull-cap with antlers attached

  • Antlers with no other meat or tissue attached

  • Finished taxidermy heads

  • Upper canine teeth with no tissue attached

The purpose of this regulation is to protect Vermont's deer population from diseases that could be harmful, including Chronic Wasting Disease.

Where has CWD been found?

A list of states and Canadian provinces that have found CWD in their deer or elk populations can be found on our Chronic Wasting Disease webpage.

View a Map of States Infected with CWD

For more information on Chronic Wasting Disease