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Online Turkey Harvest Reporting

All successful hunters during Vermont’s turkey hunting seasons must, by law, report their turkey within 48 hours to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Online reporting systems offer hunters a quick, easy and convenient way to report their harvest while providing wildlife biologists with the data necessary for monitoring harvest trends and managing the wild turkey population. Hunters who prefer to report their turkeys in-person to a check station are welcome to continue doing so.

To Submit Your Harvest Report, You Will Need:

  • Your Conservation ID# (Find you Conservation ID# on the upper left-hand corner of your license or look it up here)
  • Your Tag Number (If this is a landowner tag, enter “Landowner” into the form.)
    turkey tag

  • A photograph of the turkey (optional)

    harvested turkey

    Click image for details on what to include in photo of turkey.

  • Location of kill: Town and Wildlife Management Unit | WMU map

  • Date and time of kill

  • Sex and age of the bird (View a guide to aging and sexing wild turkeys)

  • Turkey's spur length

  • Turkey's beard length

  • Turkey's weight (estimated weight is acceptable)

Thank you for your support. Your harvest data are important to us and to the future of Vermont’s wild turkey management.

Hunters Report Your Turkey

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