Turkey Harvest Online Reporting

A successful turkey hunter in Vermont’s spring turkey season must, by law, report their turkey within 48 hours to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.  In the past, this could be done at a local reporting station.  This year, because of COVID-19 precautions, successful spring turkey hunters are required to report their turkey online.

Online reporting systems, which have been used successfully by other states, offer hunters a quick, easy and convenient way to report their harvest while providing wildlife biologists with the data necessary for monitoring harvest trends and managing the wild turkey population.

Reporting Online

To submit your harvest report, please have the following information readily available:

Report Your Turkey Now

View tutorial on using the online reporting tool

Thank you for your support. Your harvest data are important to us and to the future of Vermont’s wild turkey management.

Need Help?

If you are having difficulties using the online harvest reporting system, please contact your local State Police dispatcher using the telephone numbers listed below so you can be connected with a State Game Warden for assistance with reporting your harvested turkey.

View statewide Game Warden patrol area map

All telephone numbers are for area code 802.

Central District

Warden State Police Phone
Sgt Gallant, Keith 234-9933 - Royalton Dispatch 
Butler, Wesley 773-9101 - Rutland Dispatch
Gravelle, Jason 234-9933 - Royalton Dispatch 
Serra, Abigail 773-9101 - Rutland Dispatch
Spc. Sterling, Robert 773-9101 - Rutland Dispatch
Whipple, Jeffrey 234-9933 - Royalton Dispatch 
Spc. Whitlock, Dale 388-4919 - New Haven Dispatch 

Northeastern District

Warden State Police Phone
Sgt Szymanowski, Trevor 748-3111 - St. Johnsbury Dispatch 
Hazard, Randy 334-8881 - Derby State Police Barracks
Jackman, Cody 748-3111 - St. Johnsbury Dispatch
Reed, Jenna 334-8881 - Derby State Police Barracks
Scott, Mike 229-9191 - Middlesex Dispatch 
Seegers, Will 748-3111 - St. Johnsbury Dispatch
Spc. Shopland, Russell 748-3111 - St. Johnsbury Dispatch

Northwestern District

Warden State Police Phone
Sgt Barrett, Chad 229-9191 - Middlesex Dispatch 
Brown, Paul 229-9191 - Middlesex Dispatch 
Coffey, Ethan 878-7111 - Williston Dispatch 
Currier, Robert 878-7111 - Williston Dispatch 
Hungerford, Josh 524-5993 - St. Albans Dispatch 
Joyal, Dana 878-7111 - Williston Dispatch 
Schmid, Jeremy 878-7111 - Williston Dispatch 
Snyder, Dustin 524-5993 - St. Albans Dispatch

Southern District

Warden State Police Phone
Sgt Buttle, Travis 442-5421 - Shaftsbury Dispatch
Carey, Timothy 773-9101 - Rutland Dispatch 
Circe, Dustin 773-9101 - Rutland Dispatch
Isherwood, Kyle 722-4600 - Westminster Dispatch 
Price, Kelly 257-7101 - Brattleboro Dispatch 
Sargent, Asa 722-4600 - Westminster Dispatch 
Taddei, David 722-4600 - Westminster Dispatch 
Turner, Justin 442-5421 - Shaftsbury Dispatch 
Watkin, Richard 722-4600 - Westminster Dispatch 

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