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Hunting Regulations

Regulations help protect Vermont’s wildlife resources.

Vermont Guide to Hunting & Trapping Laws

hunt law book cover
Complete guide to Vermont's hunting and trapping regulations.

New for 2023 - Retrieval and Use of Covered Wild Animals
A person shall not intentionally or knowingly kill a covered wild animal and intentionally or knowingly fail to make a reasonable effort to retrieve it. Learn more about the new regulation.

Trapping BMPs and Coyote Hunting Regulations Updates

 Follow the process on developing best management practices (BPMs) for trapping and a rule related to hunting coyotes with dogs.

Migratory Game Bird Regulation Syllabus

duck stamp
Guide to Vermont's migratory game bird regulations, including ducks and geese.

Big Game Taken Outside of VT

white-tailed buck profile
Follow these rules to legally transport and possess big game in Vermont that was legally taken in another state or country.

Report a Violation - Operation Game Thief

deer buck with text saying make a difference report poaching
Have you witnessed a wildlife crime? Are you aware of a poaching situation? Use Operation Game Thief to report your information.

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