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Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend

A youngster’s first hunt can mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for the outdoors and a commitment to wildlife conservation.

There is no finer time to begin this journey than during Vermont’s youth waterfowl hunting weekend.

Group of Youths

The date of the Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend is determined annually, but usually occurs the last full weekend in September. Hunting for waterfowl during the Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend is statewide.

Age Eligibility

Hunters 17 years of age or younger may hunt ducks and geese in the Lake Champlain and Interior Vermont waterfowl hunting zones.

Hunters 15 and under may hunt ducks and geese in the Connecticut River zone.


View Map of Waterfowl Hunting Zones


License Requirement

You must hold a valid hunting license and be accompanied by an unarmed adult who holds a valid Vermont hunting license and is over 18 years of age.

Youths 16 and 17 must have state and federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps (aka the Duck Stamps). Adults do not need a state or federal duck stamp to accompany a youth.




Note: The adult cannot hunt waterfowl or possess a firearm while a field.


Ducks, geese, mergansers and coots can be taken in accordance with the daily bag limits and hunting regulations. See the Migratory Bird Syllabus

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